Wednesday Web Watch

I've come across some great links in the blogs lately and thought I would share, and also to remind myself of them. I use google reader and I love that it is so easy to use from the phone (this has saved me from going out of my mind during the Lorax's tv time).

Bel Kai Designs - My latest window shopping find for jewelry. Her blog gives insight into the pieces she makes. My favorites? The Teal Necklace, the Starfish, Sand-Sea-Sky Necklace... I'm going to save my pennies for one of those!

I made these Apple Brown Betty Muffins from eatathomecooks.com - a dense muffin, would be great with nuts added to it (but I didn't because *some* people around here don't like nuts. Not Me - I love them. Anyway, still delicious). Good snack, good breakfast.

I can't stop playing Pocket Frogs - it's right up there with Words With Friends - I'm nutmegknitter on both if you want to play or be my neighbor. I am still not sure I completely understand the Frogs game - it's like the Sims sort of game. The frogs are cute!

I've got a rather large project pinned to the bed in my guest bedroom - it worked! It's so pretty - I wish I could share it with you, but it is under wraps for a while longer. I am working on some baby hats for my etsy shop. The Lorax seems to be back to normal, so we are on an upswing again. And Glee returns!

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Nad said...

Thanks for getting me addicted to the Frogs! :) What a cute game and it is addictive. A Thank You Frog is in the mail! :) NadKnitBlog

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