Tiny Talk Tuesday

On Monday morning we went in to get up the Lorax. As usual, she requested that her daddy read to her - a "Finding Nemo" book where you have to find items in each of the pictures. A few pages in the Lorax asks, "Where's Nemo's Mommy?"

Thinking to myself, shooting a look at my husband, eyebrows raised, I am so NOT ready to have this conversation with my 2.5 year old!

We told her this is a book about daddies and the baby. Nemo's mommy isn't in the book.

I'm still feeling unsettled about the whole thing. (Note to self: No Time For Flashcards has some good book leads... future reference)

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Jenilee said...

yeah, that is a tough conversation. my girls are older and when they watch nemo, they get sad because they know what it means when the mom is gone. :(

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Sarah said...

I think a lot about how we'll deal with this sort of question when Ian gets older. My sisters and I *did* lose our dad quite young (we were 15, 11, and 10) and while I don't see any need to scare him, should anything happen to either of us, I wouldn't want him to be blindsided by it either, you know? Plus I'm sure there will be questions about why he doesn't have a grandpa when there are pictures of him around. Tough stuff. :-(

kewkew said...

We just watched Finding Nemo, with our letter Nn lessons, and my girls didn't think twice about the mommy not being there.
Now I have had to try to explain where grandpa (my dad) is when she expresses concern over not being able to see him and I just tell her he's with Jesus. I wasn't ready to deal with such questions either.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Yeah, that is a tough one. We used to begin Nemo on chapter 2 on the DVD..so they never knew the beginning of the movie was the baracuda. They thought it began with Nemo yelling, "First Day of School."

It's tough. But I will say, as they have gotten older, they seem to accept that sort of thing in literature and movies with more "ease" and acceptance. (till I read them Bridge To Terebitha one day and mommy bawls her eyes out :) )

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