Tiny Talk Tuesday

The Lorax has been quite verbal for the past year or so. We are getting to a point where it dawns on her dad or myself when talking with her that Holy Chickens, We are having an actual conversation with her - not just us telling her something, or her saying a few words here and there to express what she wants. She talks nonstop - usually along the lines of "Daddy, I open the door for you. Don't forget your id and lunch. After work we go to the park. I'll meet you there on saturday with friends. Jackson will bark at you."

Today she really made me giggle (and pause, OMG she's getting to be a real KID! Why does that surprise everyone, me included? She is a person, not a pet!) so I decided to participate in Tiny Talk Tuesday - I hope this will be a good way to keep track of those silly things kids say.

So, this morning the Lorax is drawing and coloring - she's been getting pretty good writing Ls and we're starting to see some circles, but mostly it's scribbles and she tells me what it is. Today she shouted out to me, "Mommy, I draw a diaper!" -
What do you know? That's not half bad!! :)

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