A Walk in the Woods

Again, I start a blog post talking about the weather. What else do you do in winter? The weather still is not wonderful but it is totally acceptable for February. The Lorax and I bundled up on Friday afternoon and spent a good hour outside just tromping about in the snow that still surrounds our house. On Saturday, our whole little family did it again and ventured into the woods adjacent to our house. There were no complaints at all from the little one, so this morning we decided to go a step further and try out the local trails.

I love that the handknits are being used! Dan's got on a hat I made him (by request) when I was first getting into knitting. The Lorax is sporting mittens and a hat that have lasted for multiple winters. It is getting time for new versions of each - I am planning on casting on a pair of Heart Strings Mittens today for her (and I think we all could use a new hat. I want an earflap one.)

I think we probably hiked just under a mile and there were no tears, no moments of whining, and no problems. Good exercise tromping through the snow - we are all ready for a nap. You can see here I'm sporting my Rhinebeck Hat version 2010 - it's warm but my ears got a bit chilly. I've also got on my Rainbow Scarf (wow - made that in 2005!) and inside my new favorite boots are a new pair of handknit socks!

Plain vanilla style, Schaefer Yarn Nicole, in the Agatha Christie Colorway - quite lovely (and would be a great guy color as well).

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theatreknitter said...

that's awesome that you are able to get out and enjoy all seasons, and that the lorax is such a trooper.

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