StitchFix Experiment

(this post has nothing to do with knitting!)
I have been thinking about my wardrobe quite a bit lately.  I am getting annoyed with much of it. I am tired of everything in my closet.  There is a lot that doesn't fit, since I have had my kids and as I work from home, I haven't needed to update much of it.  I have picked up a few things here and there, but I know I am not always the most fashionable and, honestly, I don't really like clothes shopping. It takes more time and effort than I am willing to put in and in the end usually costs more than I want.  When I heard about StitchFix, I had to give it a shot.

StitchFix is an online service where you answer several style preference and sizing questions. There is a $20 service fee for StitchFix to gather a box of 5 options for you of a variety of pieces. Once you receive the box you have 3 days to try on the items and decide if you want to keep them or send them back (and the $20 is credited toward your purchase).  My first box arrived today (a day earlier than expected) and it proved to be quite interesting.  What did I get? 2 shirts, 2 tanks and a pair of earrings.  What's going back? Everything except one of the tanks. 
These were items I would never pick out on my own. Each of the clothing items comes with a little "How to style this" card - suggestions to pair it with a skirt or jeans or whatever.  That's really helpful! The earrings are very cute but between my hair and little grabby kids, I avoid the dangles.  The green tank I thought did nothing for me - this one I was least impressed with.  The longer sleeved shirt had a cute print on it (cars, nuts and bolts) but I wasn't crazy about the material.  I felt like those first two and the green chiffony shirt were more maternity style! So yeah, I am passing on those. I like comfort, but not the billowy-loose stuff. It has taken me years to get comfortable with clothing that fits!  The grey tank with the leaves down the front I liked right away - comfortable fabric, I thought it looked ok when it was on as well.  The price was not outrageous - maybe a bit more than I would usually spend, but not out of range of say, the Gap or J.Crew. 

Will I request another StitchFix? Yes - I liked the element of surprise in having someone else select items for me. I did fill out their survey to provide my feedback on each of the pieces, so I hope that future boxes would have more items I love.  You can sign up for a monthly box or as you need "a fix".  If you think you might give it a try, here's a link (and yes, if you sign up and get a box, I'll get a credit.)

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Virginia said...

Ooh, I am so interested to try this! (Once I'm done with maternity clothes, anyway... right now I'm just happy to find things that fit!) I totally agree with your pick -- the blousy stuff is harder to style and not always practical, plus you look GREAT in more fitted tops!

Very interested to see what you get in the next batch...

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