Are you ready to rock?

Jackson is.

The shirt (from Target, where else?) is great. It even has zippers on it! If I could keep a bandana on his head (a la the guy from the e-street band, sil!) and add a little guitar, I'd have his halloween costume all set!!

He's now pouting at my feet. Dude, you don't get used to clothes unless you wear them! :) Dan needs to see this, so just a bit more.

Also at target, I find I have a deep love for any product in their kids garden line, especially this:

It could totally work as a project bag!

I tried to get an "in-motion" photo of Jackson jumping the step, but I didn't have it set right on my camera:
but I like how you can just barely make out those two little eyes in the distance!


Scarlett said...

Jackson looks so bored in that picture. I love the bag, so whimisical. Does it have pockets inside??

Bridget said...

Jackson rocks, even without the bandanna!

Drewzel said...

I love that owl bag, very cute!

Jackson is looking way stylin' with his zips too.

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