Catch-Up (FO & Swaps)

It's been a while, but life back at work following a vacation and a snow day just makes everyone crazy. Not to mention it is report card time. And they didn't get started on knocking down the wall in my classroom either, so it really looks like a bomb went off.

Anyway, I finished the Peekaboo Mittens from Magknits. I used the colorfullife yarn that I used in the nipple-ish Fake Isle Hat

They are a little small, but they'll do just fine!

I got package from my candy swapbot partner this week - let me tell you - she sent the best package of Jelly Belly Jellybeans - there are amazingly no icky ones - usually in a mix bag like that I have to sort out the buttered popcorn and coconut and the like, but I have eaten my way through most of the bag already - it's all yummy!

I also got a package all the way from Chile for the swapbot Winter Scarf Knit Kit - there's a gorgeous greeny-bluey-brownish skein (and she hand wrote a pattern!!), little fairy mug and some drinks - so neat!

Earlier in the week Dan brought me a present from Target:

I do need the help. But I know where everything is in my chaotic mess. Messy desk equals organized mind right? We're going to Ikea today to look into getting me a desk / office space.

After he showed me the Target present, he says 'Oh, and I got this for me'

Hehe. He has yet to ask for needles / yarn or to play with some of mine, but it's a positive step I think!

To quote John Stewart, here's your moment of zen:


Disentangled said...

The picture of Jackson is awesome. Jenny has the exact same look when we tell her to "stay" and the treat is 2 inches from her nose. I love how they pretend the treat isn't RIGHT THERE.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Organizing for Dummies...
Your L&V pal

beckie said...

Love the pic of Jackson..He is adorable!
The mittens look great..I have been debating whether or not to make a pair for myself.

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