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1. What kind of fibers do you prefer?
I love alpaca, and any blend thereof. Natural fibers are preferred over acrylics.

2. What kind of weight do you prefer (sock, worsted, bulky)?
Sock or worsted. Bulky has its place too.

3. Do you spin?
Not yet - maybe this summer I will try it

4. Do you crochet?
only in my knitting fantasy life - I want to do amigurumi! I have yarn and hooks!

5. Are there any books, patterns, magazines would you like to own that you don't?
I like the rebecca magazine, and I haven't gotten that in a very long while. I would like the baby+kids that rebecca comes out with too. I really like the zephyr patterns (wicked or glee), chicknits (ribby cardi), stitch diva (simple knitted bodice)

6. Are you participating in any themed a-longs like the Project Spectrum?
I am "involved" with Project Spectrum and the Sock Marathon

7. Do you have a wishlist on Amazon.com or Half.com? (provide a link)
amazon is here

8. Any Etsy stores that you would love to get something from?
I like the stuff at these shops: fluffington, chewy spaghetti, skeintilyclad, snailmailcreations, pigeonroofstudio

9. What other crafty things are you involved in (quilting, drawing, painting)?
I'm working on my photography and I'm a doodler

10. What is your favorite sort of scent?
light, not overpowering - clean, citrus, light florals,

11. Do you have a sweet tooth and what kind of sweets do you like best?
jelly beans, mike & ikes, gummy stuff, hard candy

12. What kind of music do you like?
I like a little bit of everything,

13. What do you like to knit? And for whom?
I've been knitting a lot for me lately. I enjoy socks, hats, working on a sweater, blankets (in my knitting fantasy life)

14. What sort of things do you like to collect?
I love hello kitty and the muppets, I unintentionally collect dachshund stuff because of my dog, Jackson (the dachshund)

15. Do you want needles? And what kind do you prefer?
I prefer bamboo, I can't think of anything in particular that I need right this moment - but I don't have a problem having dupicates of anything!

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I can't wait to spoil you!! Hope you are having a great Friday

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