We got packages! yes, yes we did!

On Friday I recevied a magnificent box from Sharon (she's blogless I think!)

I'll be set for a while - there's sock yarn and cotton yarn and a mohair (I think) wound with something else - and needles and chocolates! And a whole bunch of stuff that I wished for~!

Music and books and soap! I love everything - after such a crappy week, thank you so very much - it truly brightened my day!!!

Today, Jackson got a swap box! On swap-bot we played in the "I love my dog...your dog is cute too!" - Look at his treats:

Robin (also blogless I think) made him a bandana and blanket! You rock! And Jackson has been enjoying everything!
Checking out the blanket:

Strutting his new bandana:

Sitting nice in his chair, with his new blanket:


Anonymous said...

Jackson looks great with all his new stuff.
Glad the show was great this weekend.

Scarlett said...

That is the coolest swap, something for you and your best pal. Jackson sure looks content.

Disentangled said...

hee, hee! I love the picture of Jackson 'using' his new blanket. Too cute!!

Bridget said...

What great swap packages!

Jackson looks so happy, especially in the last picture. He's a cutie.

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