I need more time for yarn

It's appropriate that the page in my Stitch 'n Bitch calendar is for "Socks that Rock" today - the package from the Rockin' Sock Club arrived! The binder is huge, the emergency sock yarn mini-skein is so cute! I've yet to knit on 0's, and I hate swatching, so it may be a while before I cast on for those... but I'm still thinking about it! Sock Madness starts this weekend though.

And yeah, it's not like I don't have 2394857203948705293847 other projects going on right now.

I started a scarf with the yarn I just got in a swap, but I don't like it - I think it's the wrong pattern... I need something for a yarn that is kinda thick / thin...
Maybe this?, Harlot's scarf (again), or....

How did I not know about the Rachel Carson yarn? She's my hero!! And it is Women's History month!!


Anonymous said...

Like both scarves, but probably leaning more toward the Harlot scarf. I think it's cuz it's rolled up into a ball. I can't resist that! :)

Life's a Stitch said...

The Vintage Velvet (reversible one cable) scarf looks good in a thicker yarn. Kust finished my second one,

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