For my L&V Pal / And a stinky day

My Lime&Violet pal left me an anonymous comment that I'm answering here...

"Okay, I have a few questions of my own for you.... Fire Away!

1. What colors (shirts) do you wear most often? I just looked in my closet and drawers. I have button down shirts that are striped (blues, greens, some pink) and my knit tops / t-shirts are purples, blues, brown, black, green. I rarely wear yellow, but there seem to be hints of all sorts of colors!

2. If you could pick any 3 colorways from each of the following websites, what would they be? (1) Blue Moon Fiber Arts (2) Lisa Souza (3) Scout’s Swag.
Excuse me while I drool over Lagoon, Chapman Springs and Love in Idleness over at Blue Moon, Little Devil, Sapphire and Black Purple by Lisa Souza, and Almost Glam, Vangogh, and Prepster that Scout whips up!

3. What subject(s) do you teach? I try to teach science to middle school students, grades 4 - 8. Right now I'm covering cells, microscopes, DNA, ecosystems. I love all sorts of nerdy science stuff, I'm an environmental analytical chemist by training.

4. Are you a Harry Potter fan?
Not so much - saw the first movie, saw part of another one, have not read the books though I did pick them up at a library sale.

5. What are 3 of Jackson’s favorite doggie treats?
How kind of you to ask! Jackson likes things he can chew on (like rawhide), cookies (like >milkbones) and smelly chewy treats (like snausages or beggin' strips)

I hope that helps!

Today at work was just all sorts of icky. I'm glad this week is done. I still have quite a bit of work to do this weekend.

There was good mail though yesterday and today - yesterday, my candy swap came, today stitch markers (from weeones on etsy - they are modeled after jackson (so you know they are cute!) and sunshine yarns latest sock club yarn :Fresh: it's awesome!)

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