9 months today!

9 months today!
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I can't believe how fast time has flown. Everyone said it would. And I politely listened, and I have no regrets, but I will say that I miss how you would fall asleep on me or Daddy. You are so much fun - you laugh so often (it's a great laugh, by the way) and you babble about everything - even in the middle of nursing you, you'll pause and look at me and scrunch your nose up and make a "mmmmmmmm" sound.

Daddy and I are so impressed by your ability to scale the stairs and the step in front of the fireplace. Today I watched you several times balance on your own two feet, not holding on to anything! Amazing. You are enjoying feeding yourself - stuffing as many cheerios or puffs or mandarin oranges into your chipmunk cheeks!

And, for the record, here, now, we know you're bright. You made the "mmmm" sound when I asked you about the cow in a book we read. You put your head down, with your fingers in your mouth when I asked "Show me tired" and then put both hands up in the air when I asked you "Show me So Big". You did it several times. Soon we'll teach you "Show me sand the floor. Show me wax on wax off." You'll love it!

I've also noticed you like animals - we visited with your friend Addison and she has a Husky. You looked like you would burst with excitement - what a big dog! You liked her cat too! Super :)

Love you tons little bug - here's to the next month of fun!!


knittingknirvana said...

Hard to believe how quick it goes!

Mine will be 9 months on 9/9 and I swear he is trying to say banana. :) They are too smart.

And I also miss my little one falling asleep while snuggling. Amazing how quickly it goes!

I can't get over how "mature" Lorelai looks. She is a little lady!

KnelleyBelley said...

I want to squeeze those chipmunk cheeks. Such cuteness.

Crochetlocket said...

toooo funny ---wax on ---wax off.... hahah!

Becca said...

I love reading your notes about her. Can't wait to do it myself!

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