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If you've ever thought about knitting the "Central Park Hoodie" I would like to push and nudge you to do so. This pattern (so far) rocks. I love the pattern, love the yarn (Cascade 220 Heathers), and could keep on gushing about it! I finished the back at SnB last night and have started the front (left front directions, but will end up being my right front). No new photos of that though.

I made an etsy purchase yesterday because I fell in love with a design in a pattern booklet - LeahSutton's baby Gifts - look at the stork!! That is the one that won me over! There are only a few more babies arriving this year, so I don't know if I'll knit from this for them (but maybe the toothfairy pillows?) but I will be using these patterns for the next round of babies / kids. So sweet! And Leah has been wonderful to work with - not that it was a difficult transaction or anything, but she was quick to make contact with me that she would send the booklet later on in the evening and it's just nice to know that!

There's a new yarn store in the next town over - "The Yarn Basket" - Lorelai and I will go check it out today and report back on it. Wonder if there's any hiring possibility? That's in Branford. Madison is having sidewalk sales so we're also headed over there, and that includes a stop at Madison Wool, a LYS that I adore!


cici said...

I agree, I started CPH and I am going to use this for my Ravelympic project. those baby gift are really cute :D

jennsquared said...

You know when this Yarn Basket opens till Saturday? Beat me to the punch. I was planning on opening a yarn store in Branford next Spring!!!! I can't find a website for them, but when I do the search on google, your blog post showed up though :)

Bruce said...

Can you tell me the address or phone number for the new yarn store in Branford?

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