Hemlock Ring - WIP

Hemlock Ring - WIP
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Here's my second Ravelympic "event" - the Afghan Marathon. I'm working on the Hemlock Ring afghan, using Berroco Pleasure yarn (same yarn I used for my tilted duster, only in blue). I'm 42 rows in. So far it's ok. I'm on the center doily-lacy part and am having some difficulty keeping track of my stitches. Yes, that's a cookie sheet - I've got the magnetic pattern tamers (which are awesome, and they match my Vera bag nicely).

I want this project to be gifted in the end, so I'm being very particular about getting it right. Last night I spent 45 minutes looking for 2 missing stitches! Then after I finished row 41 (and went on to knit row 42) I notice that I think I have 1 extra stitch? But where? My brain boggles at it. So it's resting. I tried watching the olympics while I knit last night, but as I was paying attention to my stitches, I mostly listened to the synchro divers "Ready, Up, 1, 2, 3,...... splash!"

I will be starting some baby hats just because they are EASY and not to fussy! My other current project is for Schaefer and that is driving me a little bonkers with the stitch count as well. Too many yarn overs.

I also may have done a little retail therapy at theloopyewe - they have TEAL sock yarn! I want to do the Hibiscus for Hope - an honor Nana sock (Nana's name was Hope, and teal is the color for ovarian cancer awareness). I'm probably overboard in my attachment to "Hope" but there it is.


theatreknitter said...

not overboard with the hope at all, in fact whenever I find marie stuff I get sentimental for the same reasons.

KnelleyBelley said...

Good luck with the Hemlock Ring. I've never knit it, but I've been there with the stitch count issue. Makes us crazy.

I love the Hibiscus for Hope idea. What a lovely way to honor her.

Rebecca Jo said...

Good luck with your Hemlock. I just finished my first & completely enjoyed knitting it! Now, its time for me to block it - anxious!! And for me - when my count was off - I just added or took away a stitch at the end - I'm one of those NON-perfectionist!!! You cant really see where I messed up either - LOVE that!!! Enjoy the knitting - warning it gets quite heavy when you get 400 stitches on a needle!!!

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