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We tried going for a hike this weekend - Lorelai in the baby bjorn on Dan's back. The weather was perfect but one of us was teething (L.)and one of us had taken allergy medicine and was feeling very sleepy (me). It was a good weekend otherwise and I can't believe it's Monday already.

In thinking back over my ravelympics experience, I'm glad I did it. I completed a WIP that was started over two years ago - I am going to undo the bind off and lengthen it - I tried it on again over a long tank and I just am not the sort of person to pull it off. I'm thinking I'll enter it in the local country fair, so I am in no rush to lengthen it. I'm also going to keep on knitting Hemlock Ring. I've got plenty of yarn for it, so I might as well.

At the same time, I'm so glad that the olympics are over. I focused on just those projects plus one for Schaerfer yarn (which was finished yesterday, blocked and all - I should have made that a ravelympic project!). I want to work on something else! I've been looking through my project bags (all over the house) - I'm now going to focus on knitting stuff for a local craft fair I'm apply to (with peacefulknitter!). But it's more relaxed because those are smaller, easier projects and I can continue to work on things as needed (for test / sample knitting) or as I want!


KnelleyBelley said...

The hike sounded like a great idea. Try it again when the teeth are in and the allergies aren't getting you!

QA-Girl said...

Hi I'm in CT too. Wondering what craft fair you're thinking about submitting your knitting to. I love going to all the local fairs although I've never been organized enough to actually submit anything.

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