I'm Crocheting!

You know that scence in the movie What about Bob?, where Bill Murray's character is tied to the mast and he's screaming "I'm sailing!". Yeah, that's how I feel about crochet right now. I'm working on a sheldon for Lorelai and attempted the crochet edging on the shell attachment. OMG, I *think* I get it now. I can't see getting really fast at it (I've got the hook in my right hand, I'm a lefty) but there's hope for the amigurumi of my dreams!!!


Anonymous said...

That's great -- I can only make long chains; once it comes time to turn the work, I'm lost.

theatreknitter said...

that is so cool, congratulations!!!!!

Crochetlocket said...

good job!
i felt the same way about learning to knit!
Now I take crochet for granted.

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