WIP Wrestling - Event Completed!

First off, thanks for the comments re: Dan's interview - he was happy to do it, he fully acknowledges that he doesn't read my blog and he was interested to know if he was right about my favorite yarn and the swatch :)

I'm a "Ravthlete" - I competed in WIP Wrestling for Team New Haven
And I finished!

I pulled my Green Gable out of hibernation. I had started this top at least 2 years ago and was knitting along just fine, and loving it! I used Knit Picks Shine Sport, Hyacinth. I stopped because I was concerned I would run out of the yarn. I was able to score more through peoples stashes on ravelry, so yay on that. I actually didn't have that much left to go, so that made it an easy "event" for me.

Green Gable shoulder
The arm is a little snug, but I can live with that.

Green Gable Top
I made the medium size, which probably would have fit a little bit better pre-baby-boobs. It's snug and form fitting, but I am mostly ok with that.

Green Gable
It's the length I can't live with. Dan thinks it looks great (he's so sweet. and a guy. for me to show any skin is a big deal - it took me years to be comfortable in a tank top!) All the ends are woven in, so it is truly a finished object. I am letting it rest from "competition" and I'm trying to decide to either a) go back and lengthen the body - I do have yarn for that. or b) gift it to one of my tiny aunts / cousins.

That's two "big girl" knits that haven't come out quite right. Could be the post-baby body, could be my knitting, could be the pattern, could be some sort of combination of all. I'm hoping my Central Park Hoodie doesn't give me the same grief when that's done! It's hibernating for the moment, as I have another Event for the ravelympics - Afghan Marathon! And a project for Schaefer that does require my attention.


Virginia said...

You look HOT! And how dare your stomach be so flat post-childbirth?!

Try layering it over a light-weight, longer ribbed tank top in white, gray, or a lighter blue. Or in winter over a long-sleeve (or 3/4 length) tee. Maybe striped? With jeans and cute flats? Or Capri pants? So chic and vaguely French/Audrey Hepburn!

I really think you should keep it.

(Or give it to me. ;)

KnelleyBelley said...

I love your Green Gable! You look great in it. Really. Good for you - you wrestled a WIF and won. Inspiration for all of us.

mad knitter said...

Hey! I really like the sweater, but completely know what you mean about showing some skin. I like the suggestion for layering, that might work out quite nicely! Either way, congrats on completing your event, woo hoo!

cici said...

It looks awesome on you. Of course I would be uncomfortable with all the skin showing.. Just making it longer would be perfect. :D

Virginia said...

I don't know why I am still obsessing about this (I think because it looks so pretty on you!).

But was just doing some other online shopping (I mean work) and remembered J. Crew has some "tissue weight" tees and tanks that are super-super thin and fit well under even really snug sweaters and things.




So there you go. xox

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