Central Park in progress

I've given in to my whims of being obsessed with out of season items - I'm going to do the afghan marathon for the ravelympics and I have started my central park hoodie. So far, I love everything about this project. I love the pattern, I love that it's on US9!!! I love that I've been working on / off for a week on it and I'm just about done with the back - I've made armhole decreases, and have to work for another 5 or 6 inches. Love the yarn - cascade 220 heathers - it's a green, but there's teal-ish / turquoise-ish / lime-ish in there. Hard to photograph. Anyway:
One thing I realized after I started and made my way through the first cable, was that I should have switched the charts - they are meant to be knit A-B-C. I'm a lefty so for it to be all matchy-matchy with the pattern I should have worked C-B-A. Don't care, makes it all the more unique for me.
Cable close up
Cable Closeup
I think that will be a future moo card or something.
Posting quickly, have to get the baby.


theatreknitter said...

looks great, mine pales in comparison but the yarns are also so different, can't wait to see you, only a couple of days.

KnelleyBelley said...

You have Central Park love. Beautiful!

cici said...

Very nice.. I am hoping to do my CPH for Ravelympics.

Unknown said...

This is looking great! It's great when a project is so much fun to work on, even when it's out of season.

Virginia said...

This is gorgeous. It looks like it's straight out of a J. Crew catalog! (That is very high praise from me ;)

Anonymous said...

It's coming along so nicely!

I can't wait to cast on for this sweater.

Nice job, Nutmeg Knitter!

Firefly Nights said...

I see you are lefthanded. I will be teaching a lefty how to knit. Know of any good online resources that will help her?

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