Kids at play

Kids at play
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Lorelai and I bought a new toy for Jackson on Friday - it's a long dog, with a rope middle. Friday night he spent 2 hours working on destuffing the tail end (successful!). This morning, he got the rest of the stuffing out of the head. Makes me think of that petsmart commercial with the dachshund and his bobo. That's clever (toy was basically the same shape / size as the dog) but not really true - dachshunds like to destuff and then they are done. Lorelai is entertained by the fluff every where. Luckily she hasn't tried to mimic Jackson (yet).

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Chrispy said...

Our first doxie liked to do squeakectomies on his toys and once he was successful he wanted a new toy. I think his record was 3 in one day and then I put him on a squeaky fast.

Our currently little girl just likes to suck the legs off and squeak to her hearts contentment.

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