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Some of this I already plurked.

We're looking into getting a whole-house-fan. We are lucky enough to have central air, but when the weather gets hot and the house heats up there is little to no air movement, and it doubles (at least) or electricity bill to run the AC. Honestly, I don't like the A/C. It's July, it get's hot I am ok with that. I just want to feel a breeze or the air moving, and to be able to sleep ok at night. I have bareley slept under the covers since last March! Granted, I was pregnant so that made me warmer than usual, but after having Lorelai I'm still running warm! Anyway, I had called this one guy who gave an estimate (without even coming out to the house, and he was the one who tried to joke with me) that was really high. My father-in-law contacted their Mr.FixIt guy for another quote and he came out today. It's do-able, but not easily. At least his quote was less. As he's checking out our attic, he says "That's a funny way to build a house" - do you know how many times I have heard / said some variation of that? "Why would the builder do this or that?" "Gee, that's an odd way to have this or that?" I can tell you why - because the builder (who is my next door neighbor!) built this house as he accumulated materials from his projects! When my in-laws were in this house my mother-in-law fixed a whole lot of "quirks" - and then we have picked that up as well. I'm kindof tired of just shrugging it off or shaking my head. House stuff = headaches.

Last night I saw a new Tampax commercial. I already hate the Kotex / Happy Period ones. This one did make me giggle at first - Mother Nature giving a gal her monthly gift (and she says "Here's your monthly gift" as she hands the girl a red box), but seeing it again made me roll my eyes. Those commercials are so stupid!

I made brownies last night - they were good, but I think they would be better if I had one of the brownie edge pans.

I read a plurk that we are now closer to Christmas 2008 than we are Christmas 2007! Gotta get started on my list / projects!


KnelleyBelley said...

Until you get yourself one of those brownie edge pans, I'd be more than happy to take the center pieces off your hands. I'm not a fan of edges and corners. I love the super soft, gooey parts of the brownie.

Oh my . . . I can feel a little brownie tingle. Must go bake some.

Sunflowerfairy said...

We have a whole house fan and my only bitch about it is that it is so strong that it pulls in tiny no-see-um bugs from outside, along with the cooler air. Trust me, the benefit of the cooler air is better than the downside of the bugs though. I'd love to know the number you get, once you decide on someone. We are buying a new house with a/c and I'm going to miss the fan.

Paula said...

I badly want a whole house fan too!
I have heard they not only keep the utility bill down but also inhibit mold because of the constant air circulation!
House stuff always makes me break out in hives and drives me nuts too!
Our house has so many issues but it is a bad time to move so we fix it as we go and put up with a lot.
I hope you are having a great summer otherwise.
The baby is getting so big and is adorable!

I just want and to stop in and say hi and tell you about our Dogs on Thursday Bloggerversary Contest.

theatreknitter said...

that christmas comment just frightens me. only a few days till the interview, and maybe seeing you for a bit!!!!

I will call when I leave hartford. Depending on miss L we can go from there, We can just hang at your house if you want.

CPH is going SOOOO well. Just finmished the front left side, put it on stictch holders till I finish the back so they are the same length.
I think I may make one for Jennifer, we shall see.

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