Knitting while you wait

Friends of ours are expecting a baby boy any day now. Actually the little one is a week late and it was thought mom would be induced on Friday and we could go visit today. Well, there weren't any beds available, so now the induction is put on hold until Monday! Hoping it would help things along, I made Logan a new hat, hoping that would be the magic touch for him to hurry on up! I'll be making him a pumpkin hat later on, and have burp cloths ready for him, but this hat is special.
Bat Hat
Batman!! I felt a little strange knitting a black hat for a baby, but his Dad is a huge fan of Batman, so I am confident it will be appreciated. I followed the Lil' Devil Baby hat pattern and used Rowan handknit dk cotton (plurkers this is why I asked if 92 yards would be enough) - I have a bit left over. Started and finished in one day, super!
Size-wise, Lorelai can wear it -
Bat Hat 2
So there's room to grow.
Even though we're not going to meet Logan this weekend, we are going out to dinner. Yay - new restaurant for us, somewhere in Middletown. Good times.


theatreknitter said...

poor kathy, sending good htoughts her way.

KnelleyBelley said...

Holy bat hats, Batman. What a great idea. Hope baby decides to make an entrance soon.

Unknown said...

This looks great! I hear black is the new baby blue...

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