8 months!

Didn't we just do June? My silly girl, time is flying!
8 Months!

8 months old and you already can do so much! You've become rather attached (to me) which I am ok with, but don't you know that everyone wants a piece of you? You make so many people smile when we go out and about - everyone also thinks you look about a year older than you are. We tell them it is the hair - oh, the hair! It's so light now - with highlights of gold and red, just like Mommy's! We took you to get your bangs trimmed at the salon and you did great! Your latest trick is sticking your tongue out at everything, and even while you babble.

8 Months!
You are still on the move - getting faster every day! Not quite full on crawling on your hands and knees, but you combat crawl your way over to Jackson or across the room. Standing up is now fun again - you've gotten so strong to pull yourself up! We were very surprised to go get you from a nap and find a stuffed animal in your bed. We watched on the monitor and saw you pull yourself up and then were standing, ready and waiting the next time we came in to get you. Just last night you managed to pull the plastic bag that holds your hair clips off from the bookshelf - and into your crib! You must have had to work at that for a while - but good, puzzle it out and use those little grey cells!

8 Months!
You are still eating like a champ - even if you don't love it (not every meal can be bananas and mango!) or wearing your bib! I'm still having fun making food for you and we have been branching out giving you things to try: pasta, avocado, clam cake, ice cream, couscous. Keep on keeping us busy!!


theatreknitter said...

I can't believe it. Just wow. she is amazing.

Virginia said...

Prettiest girl!! Happy 8 Months Old! xoxox

KnelleyBelley said...

It's the hair. It's the eyes. It's the overall cuteness.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

hi beccah, found you on plurk.she is a real cutie,may God bless her :)

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