This morning seemed quiet enough. L. and I were getting ready to go out and meet friends for a coffee / starbucks snack. We took Jackson out for a bathroom break and on the way back into the house he stepped on a yellow-jacket! Poor guy - he started whining / yelping / crying and not walking on that paw. So I called the vet - can't really tell about any sort of stinger - Jackson already has a thing about his paws, so I couldnt' get too close. No apparent swelling, but I did give him half a benadryl (in cheese! yummy). His breathing has been fine, so I don't think we have an allergy issue. You can tell he can't get comfortable - he would sit, then get up and move to another spot, lick his paws, lie down and repeat.
He's better now - using the paw, gently. He's been mostly sleeping / resting and accepts me picking him up when it's time to go down stairs.

I've been pretty good about splitting my time among some of my more pressing projects - I finished another burp cloth last night. The color was hard to photograph, but it's the swimming pool colorway - deep / bright blues:

Noro Sock #1 is coming along - I'm on the foot.

And I'm working on a toddler cardigan for schaefer yarns - love these colors - it's like peas and carrots and pinks!
Toddler Sweater Almost done with the neck edging, then I can do the back and sleeves.

Lorelai says to have a safe and fun holiday weekend!
Yay! Holiday weekend!


KnelleyBelley said...

Poor Jackson. Hope his ouchie gets better quickly.

Right back at you, Lorelai!

theatreknitter said...

glad jackson is feeling better, Can't wait to be closer to home so that I can really get to know L,she has such a personality already.

Anonymous said...

Lorelai is so cute! Hugs to poor Jackson. Happy 4th of July to everyone in your family too.

Shorty said...

Poor Jackson. I hope he feels better really soon.

Hunny said...

see that is why when I see bees I run away and scream like a little girl!! Poor Jackson. I hope his paw is better by now.

What a cutie Lorelai is! Hope you all have a happy fourth!!

Elizabeth said...

Poor Jackson. Lulu says she hopes he is feeling better now!

mad knitter said...

Sorry to hear about Jackson! This happened to our cat once. We were out at a park...yes, in our younger, crazier pre-kid days we had a cat that we took out to parks with us! Anyway, we only had some benedryl cream with us but that seemed to work for her for the swelling.

Can't wait to see you Thursday! I've missed you all!

Paula said...

Oh poor jackson I hope he is feeling better!
Elise stepped on a bee last year and had a rough couple of days and limping (which I think is so hard for the short legged dogs)but the benadryl really did help her too.

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