Three day weekends that start on Friday are always the best! My brother Matt was in town on Thursday, so we had dinner with my folks and him. Friday we went to Long Island for a party. Yesterday we did very little - well, that's not entirely true. I bought supplies to make baby hair clips / barrettes, Dan & I washed the kitchen floor, we watched "Drillbit Taylor" (it was about what you'd expect), had chinese food. Today we're off to his folks for dinner as well. I was poking about the internet and Dan noticed right outside the window next to the computer desk:
Bunnny lounging
A bunny just lounging.
nibble nibble nom
(I love my camera. That photo is through the window screen with lots of zoom. Yes, I'm technical like that.)

What was Jackson doing?
Jackson Lounging

Lorelai is lounging now too - she might be almost done with her nap, so I probably should go check on that. Yesterday she was all over the place creeping and crawling. She ended up under here:
Hiding Out
She got in there all by herself. Really hard to get a photo of her smiling this time. Oh well.

Knitting has been slow and steady. Finished and started more burp cloths, am onto the sleeves for the toddler sweater and the foot of the noro sock. Every little stitch counts!

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Anonymous said...

Jackson's not just lounging, he's recuperating! How is his little foot?

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