Decked out by Auntie VA (and a haircut)

This was Wednesday (at the library):
We're at the library!

We went for a nice walk and stopped in to get a haircut. Unplanned, but it worked. Today she looks like this:

Yes, that's a handmade sweater :) Not by me, but by Auntie Virginia (ravelry link) - today is forecast for a high of 65?! Fantastic! Sweater weather for sure. Action shots (and to see the haircut)
photo photo

Auntie VA also provided Lorelai with the best shoes (that are still slightly big, but I love them and they help her keep on socks!) GreenPiggies.

Flashback! This is what Lorelai looked like back when she received the sweater at Easter (as one cousin commented to me, why can't babies stay babies?!)


knittingknirvana said...

Oh my goodness. She looks like a little girl!!! Where do the days go?

Anonymous said...

Cute haircut!

What a lucky little girl she is! She has a mom AND an aunt that knits for her?? Wow!

theatreknitter said...

I can't believe how fast the time has flown, she is becoming such a little lady. See you in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...


cici said...

Nice haircut and the sweater looks great!She is a lucky little girl.

Virginia said...

Oh goodness. Girlfriend knows how to wear a sweater!

Am going to have to start pondering my next Lorelai project. xox

Becca said...

I love that smile!

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