Neck Sock Finished!

Neck Sock Finished!
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I finished this cowl neck sock at SnB last week. I want to promote the word "Neck Sock" - neckwarmer can be misleading (Oh, you mean a scarf!) and no one really seems to know what a cowl is anyway. Neck sock is just right. Anyway, I love it. I knit this up in three days! Pattern is Chickadee Cowl (free, pdf link on the blog sidebar). I think I was taken by this for two reasons - 1) I spotted on on Ravelry that was knit with STR held double - thought that was fantastic! 2) My 6th and 8th grade teacher (same lady), Mrs. Baranski always called us "Her Little Chickadees". I will forever associate chickadees with Mrs. B. Wish I could locate her and catch up - she was awesome. I picked up some (surprisingly soft) "Mary's Little Lamb Light Worsted" from Farmhouse Yarns / CT Yarn & Wool - colorway is Sedona, and I held it doubled. I love it and can't wait to wear it all the time, if only the humidity would go away. Bring on fall!!

Happy / exciting news! I'm going to be doing a craft fair!! October 18, with fellow knitter / blogger, PeacefulKnitter - I'm going to do burp cloths and rattles and a few hats. So excited and nervous at the same time. How much inventory to prepare? How to price my work? How to display?

I really like how the iphone & not very flattering bathroom lighting actually took that photo. I seem to have a healthy complexion, not freckled-speckled-death-pale as is my norm. :)


Rebecca said...

Very, very pretty! And, I agree, 'neck sock' is describes what kind of pattern this is more accurately. Have fun at your craft fair. Start out marking high and then go down a little bit if they don't sell.

Anonymous said...

Neck sock! Love it.

Crochetlocket said...

Wow!! I never heard of this place to get yarn.. sounds wonderful.. thanks so much for sharing that link!!!!!!

mad knitter said...

Neck sock! Perfect! I'll start promoting too, LOL!

It is beautiful! Nice work. Best of luck to you both at the fair, and I really hope to see you the next day!

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