Fair Season

It's that time of year - you wake up and it's cooler outside, a little bit crisp in the air, and then by early afternoon everything is all warmed up! Enjoyable for sure - just right for the fair. It is a small fair (Durham is my favorite - more food choices!) but still fun. We went early this morning and brought Lorelai to see the animals (Macaws in with goats? Sure. Didn't see the elephant - hope he's ok.) - her reaction was a bit reserved at the petting zoo. I tried to be excited for her - oooh! Sheep! Llamas!
Wool Source!

She seemed to be trying to figure out the noises when we walked through the tents of bunnies & ducks & chickens & cows & sheep.

She did seem quite interested in fair food - we shared fried dough (with sugar and cinnamon - no sauce! yuck. If I wanted pizza I would get a slice, fried dough is a dessert! even at 10:30 in the morning. Perfectly acceptable for breakfast!)
Fried Dough 1
Fried Dough 2

We are planning to take her to the Durham fair next week - hopefully it will go just as smoothly!


Becca said...

Love her haircut!

Rebecca Jo said...

The new haircut makes her look so grown up!!!

cici said...

wow shes got so close to the animals. Looks like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

That haircut! She's so freakin' cute!

mad knitter said...

Oh, that pic of you and her eating fried dough is adorable!!! She looks so happy! That's a keeper, for sure! I'm jealous, we didn't make it to either fair this year...maybe next year!

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