Drive By Blogging

Short and sweet.
Thursday I started to feel the effects of an allergy attack (I thought) - I wanted to go out with the SnB-ers to celebrate JennSquared, but just ran out of steam.
Friday was a complete wash with a sinus thing, although L & I did get to go out for coffee and yarn with Virginia and her mom.
Saturday I was planning to go to WEBS and a craft fair in Northhampton, but between the impending storm and my sinus issues I opted to stay home.
We lost power at some point last night and it came back this morning around 9:30? 10? Not bad when the recorded message projects 3 pm.
Football starts today. J-E-T-S! BRETT! BRETT! BRETT! :)

My knitting is all in limbo. I've got a to do list that feels a mile long. And what I thought was allergies apparently is a cold and Lorelai has the sniffles as well.

That's all.


jennsquared said...

Wish you could be there also!!! Thanks for the gift. I had a good laugh.

Feel better!

Unknown said...

Boo. Hope you feel better quickly!

theatreknitter said...

Feel better, both of you.

mad knitter said...

I'm sorry you are sick! Summer colds are awful! Hope we can still see you this week!
Sorry you didn't get to go to the Twist Fair. I was kind of living vicariously through you cause I couldn't go, wanted to see how it was! I think it's better that you didn't go out so far, though...I was forced to go out in late afternoon on Sat. and some parts of the trip were hairy!
We lost power but only for a minute...but that was sufficient to wipe out our entire collection of DVR recordings :(.
Jet's fan, huh? I could be one, now that Brett is there. For now, I'll stick with my KC Chiefs.

cici said...

Summer colds are a bummer. Do we ever get the " To Do" list" done???Hope your feeling betta!:D

Becca said...

I got to see Brett Farve play :) Granted, only for the 1st half, but it was kind of neat to be able to say I saw him.

Crochetlocket said...

Hope you are feeling back to yourself soon!
take care

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