Me & my dog

Me & my dog
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10 months later, and Jackson is no longer completely freaked out by Lorelai "petting" him. I was going to use a different photo for the "10 month" post today, but I caught this quick with the iphone and it's just so sweet!

So, dear Lorelai, here's where we're at: You haven't gained much weight since your 6 month check up - the pediatrician is a little concerned and wants us to give you formula. You hate it. I use it to make up your cereal, but otherwise we just feed you more, and that you like! Might as well use those 7 teeth! Last night you even had the same dinner as mommy & daddy - pork tenderloin and couscous! Last night at dinner you started waving too - Daddy waved first and you did it back!

I love seeing how excited you get when I ask you if you want to read a book - your whole body shakes (like it does when I offer you the bowl of Cheerios!). We're working on giving high-fives and giving kisses - right now you lean your head in. It's a start. This week you've gotten very vocal - and loud, what's up with that? I caught you cruising along the couch last weekend too! It's been a big month - first haircut, first fair and we've got lots to look forward too!


theatreknitter said...

your little one is getting so big..... so smart. . and so beautiful. the time is passing so quick.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture. Throw an acorn hat on that cute little head!

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