Finishing & Starting Stuff

Things have sortof settled down here. I've been able to pick up the knitting for brief bouts of time as I'm still dealing with sinus issue (allergies? cold? I have no idea.) Anyway, I finished sheldon (knitty.com) - but as it is for Lorelai, I've named this turtle Sookie.
Sookie sheldon turtle
A relatively quick knit, fun to do, and I will knit it again for future babies. I would not stuff the shell as much next time, and I would work the applied i-cord in the opposite direction (lefty issue, but not a big deal).

I picked up the Debbie Bliss magazine: New magazine
There are some cute items in there (I'm obsessed with the vest mostly.)
Sweet blanket Pencil case Maybe just do L? Cute bag
Vest Obsessed

I finished a sock! First one since April! Oh, how I miss making socks! I love that this is a sport weight yarn, knit on US3 - one week and the sock is done! Sanrio Sock #1
This is the yarn from my woolgirl.com "Sanrio Sock Kit". The yarn is TV Yarn, Fat Sock from white oak studio and I love it. With all its neon goodness, and you know, I almost think the yellow is not bright enough! All the other neon colors tone it down! Can't wait to finish the next one. Lorelai is interested as well.
Give a girl a pattern
She's funny - I can give her a length of yarn and she's happy. Then we talk about knitting. Maybe it will stic
k. :)

I had to work on something else sort of quick and mindless. Seeing Peacefulknitter's neckwarmers have kept me thinking about them, so I have started the Chickadee-cowl (rav link) using Farmhouse Yarns Mary's Little Lamb Light Worsted held double.
Cowl WIP
So far, so good.

Can't believe it's been 7 Years since 9/11/01.

On a more upbeat note I'm sortof employed! I found a part-time, work from home on the computer, legit gig for an internet entity. Can't really say much more than that. But it should be good.


Anonymous said...

You have been busy! Everything looks great--I especially love the sock and the cowl, of course.

I also got that magazine yesterday-it is beautiful and there are several things I would like to make...

mad knitter said...

Ooooh, I like the way the pinks stand out more on the sock when it is worn! That Lorelai, she is a knitting prodigy! She looks so intelligent, poring over that pattern, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Congrat, Becca, on the new job!

I wish you well. Love the sock. Such pretty colors. Hey, it's looks like you have a future knitter there. :-)

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged for a meme!

Anonymous said...

Love Sookie! Adorable. And the sock yarn is gorgeous. Congrats on your part time gig! Working from home = perfect.

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