The Saddest Little Acorn

Doesn't that sound like a children's book?

I was inspired before all the rain started to make an acorn hat - figured it was a good seasonal hat, might be something different for the craft fair - so I stopped in at the Yarn Basket and picked up some wool / acrylic yarn in browns. After some fiddling, I love these hats. I made three this weekend - one small (56st cast on) and two medium (64st cast on) - they are fantastic and I love them! (Ravelry details here)
Lorelai was not feeling the love, and she was not in the mood to model hats for mom's blog. Hence, this is the best shot:
The saddest little acorn

Jackson is always a good sport.
My dog is such a good sport

Blog readers (and unfair market mayhaps because most of you knit, but still) - what would you pay (not charge. Pay.) for a handknit hat like this? I've got an idea already, but curious as to what the masses would consider reasonable.

Almost forgot! I plurked this, but how would you like to win two knitting books? Amy, who is a friend through my brother and sister-in-law-to-be, has recently started knitting again (she did a fantastic bag!), blogs for Hallmark, Things We Make - she's doing a give away - leave her a comment and check out the rest of her blog - she spotlights some fantastic etsy / indie finds!


Maureen said...

It's hard to say what non knitters would pay, especially those that don't appreciate what goes into a creation. I'd say $10 ??

Love the pictures!

My daughter is so smitten by dashchaunds, she had to take a stroll through your blog to see some more.

Anonymous said...

Your little acorn is adorable, and the hat is great too!
I would pay anywhere between $10-$15, especially as a gift item that comes in a nice bag...

Virginia said...

So fun!

I think it depends a bit on where you're selling them and what comparable items are priced there. For the craft fair, I feel like $10-15 is right, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them going for a little more ($20-25?) at say, a kids' clothing boutique on the green, or on etsy.

There's also the volume factor — if you make a bunch in different colors and have them arranged really nicely on the craft fair table, you can subtly increase the price. (Consider how American Apparel can convince me to pay $34 for a tank top — because when I'm in there, and see the huge array of colors they have, I want the whole crayon box and think they are worth more! Then I get home and am like, this is one green tank top. For $34. Tricky marketers!)

And love the idea of packaging them in some cute bags or boxes (maybe kraft paper? with a ribbon or sticker in some autumnal colors like green or orange?).

So impressed!

Rebecca Jo said...

What a cute hat - & even though she may not have felt up to being a model - your little acorn is just as adorable as always!

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