Local Win! Take 2!

Saturday was a perfect day for being outside - I headed out to the CT Sheep & Wool Festival. I set out with a plan to indulge in some lace, find some buttons for a sweater in progress and maybe one or two other special things. I lucked out and got exactly that! It was a great time at the festival and I enjoyed getting to spend more time with my fellow knitters (and meeting a few that I only know through Ravelery / online-blogs).

It's such a novelty to me to see these animals right up close!
All I know about sheep-dog trials I learned from the movie "Babe".

Freshly shorn.

You're so saaaaaft
You're so saaaaaaafft.


Teal Sock Yarn
Teal sock yarn.

Starry night lace
Blue lace yarn.

I actually took care of my purchases at one booth, though there were so many nice choices. I bought from Mocha's Fiber Connection last year as well. The price was right, the color was right and the feel was right. Win!

One of the most fun finds was a woman with a great selection of vintage buttons. It was so hard to not buy something in every color! I ended up with a set of purple for a sweater (that was what I was looking for anyway) and a splurged on the sunflower ones. I think they would look good with the teal yarn, but I'm not sure what / how. I think I would want to be selfish and keep them on a sweater / cowl / fingerless mitts for me, since I would appreciate them the most. I also am thinking about turning one of the sunflower buttons into a necklace... decisions...
Vintage Buttons

All in all a great time! Though there were a few blips in the day. Betsy couldn't make it because of an ailing pug (but he's on the mend, yay!). I made a side stop on the way home at a yarn shop only to find the yarn shop had closed / moved! Oh well. And then, there was the helmet-less jerk on a motorcycle - I decided to obey traffic rules and I didn't go through the yellow light. I stopped. I saw him mutter and then heard him swear about me, including dropping "F-ing C... " Nice. Sure solved his problem because then he was still stuck behind my car for another 10 miles. Ugh.


sara said...

I love those buttons!

WifeMomKnitter said...

You don't seem to have much luck *returning* home from festivals, Becca. You poor thing. :-(

I'm glad you found what you were looking for at the festival, though.

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