A few weeks back I broke out my sewing machine again, with this box bag tutorial by my side. I got such a thrill out of this little project - similar to when you are knitting a sock and you get to the weird part at the heel and then before you know it, POOF!, it's a sock! It's a bag! With a zipper that works!
Box Bags

I decided to make Theatreknitter one as well. The character of Little Red Riding Hood is quite special to Betsy so I went online and started searching. SewDeerlyLoved had just the right fabric (Japanese, but the shop is in the US) and I must say, I would love to shop there again. The fabric came in such a pretty little bundle!
Box Bags
It came out really cute, if I do say so myself!

In my fabric lusting searching, I also came across these great sites to share:
*Quick Piece Tiny Squares - I'm not a quilter (though I dream of it) and I don't think I'm going to cut up teeny tiny squares, but you never know. Cute!
*5-minute Hair-kercheif - so adorable. And the Lorax is sort-of into headbands... I've been avoiding getting my hair cut for a while now, so I am in need of a hair-taming strategy daily.
*Kiddie Present (doll & doll quilt) - Lorax isn't too into the baby dolls, she sticks with her puppy, but this is adorable.
*Make a quilted pendant - maybe starting small is the way to go.
*Fabricworm - fabric love.
*PicClick.com for etsy - love searching etsy this way.

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to post in the last post about how the Peep-Tini tasted - like candy! High sugar, sunny, sweet. All the things I love!


sara said...

Cute bags!

Hunny said...

I love sewing box bags. They are so much easier than they seem. I just got a new sewing machine cause mine just couldn't take much more. So I will be making more soon!!

theatreknitter said...

I used my bag for the first time today and I LOVE IT!!!! thank you sooooo much becca

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