Tiny Shoes

Do babies really need shoes? Of course not. They are usually bundled up in footie pajamas or blankets or even if you do get the socks / shoes on, the smart little babes figure out how to kick them off real quick. That doesn't stop knitters from making them - little baby socks / shoes are a great shower-stopper, relatively quick gift, and a great way to use up bits of yarn. I recently knit up two pairs of Tiny Shoes, by Ysolda as samples for FiberTrades.

Tiny Blue Shoes Tiny Green Shoes
A tip towel rack makes a great display piece for these little shoes! They look so cute and elf-like! I had a tricky time getting a good photograph - the shoes here are not blocked or anything, since I would be packing them up to ship back to FiberTrades. The blue ones are knit in Plymouth Sockotta and the green ones are knit in a Frog Tree yarn. I LOVE that green yarn. So many shades of green!! It was great to knit with as well. While I was provided with the materials, I didn't have the ball bands, so I don't know which particular Frog Tree yarn it was!

Teddy Bear Button
The buttons are just adorable. Baseballs for the blue shoes and these Teddy Bears for the green - I think they are vintage buttons, they are metal, not plastic.

Tiny Green Shoes
No babies in the house to model, but I do have baby socks and stuffing! I think it worked.

Speedy travels tiny little shoes! Be happy samples!


sara said...

Darling! I love the green ones. Is it a one piece/minimal seaming knit?

Becca said...

Those are awesome!!!

Alison said...

These little shoes are a-dor-a-ble! Love them!...and the green is super yummy...so cute!

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