Before I had kids (!! kids, I have kids!) I used to think that 3 or 4 was a nice number of kids to have - in my family I am the oldest of 3, my dad is the oldest of 4 and my mom is the oldest of 7. Now? I'm good with two and I have no idea how my mom, my Gram or my Nana made it work. Obviously they did and it was all well and good, but it's mind boggling to me now, especially as we try to figure out this new normal with the Lorax. Maybe it's the little moments like this that get you over the humps...

Our My sleep schedule is still pretty messed up, so when there is down time I am trying to lay low. My fingers are getting itchy to make things again - and it feels like I am constantly in motion - rocking, swaying, walking - when I sit still I still feel like I'm moving. Generally I am not a fidgety person. Even now as I write this my knee is swaying back and forth. I do think this is in part to my lack of knitting. Usually my hands are busy! I am really glad that I have been practicing crochet because that is easy enough for me to pick up / put down and then I have the satisfaction of having made something.

I made this little crown - using a random ball from the stash, in the P-newborn size it works up quickly and just fits.
The Lorax was very interested in it as well - and has requested a Tinkerbell Crown (Nevermind that Tink does not wear a crown. She has been pretending to put on / take off a "Morning Crown" and a "Sleeping Crown" whatever those are) Lucky for me, the pattern does go up to a size that should work for her. This was great practice.

I have started a quicky project for the Lorax that I hope to share in the next day or so - it feels so good to get those stitches in each day!

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Emily said...

Look at all of that soft, baby hair! He is so precious (as is the Lorax).

Morning and night crowns sound like a great idea. Will there be flowers?

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