Tinkerbell Slippers

The Lorax is into the Disney Princesses big time, but a few weeks back we found a Tinkerbell movie at the library, and now we are experiencing a little bit of a fairy phase. We have indulged in the other Tinkerbell movies as well - they are cute stories (though full of plot holes), I like that the fairies actually *do* something practical / useful, and they are not overly saccharine or obnoxious. I think part of me also has a fondness for the fairies - I like the stories about them being trouble makers (remember in Labyrinth when the fairy bites Sarah?!). And in theatre / drama club in high school we always made sure to have a little fairy dust in our shoe before a show. Anyway, Lorelai spotted a pair of tinkerbell slippers at some big box store - lucky for us she's pretty good about just looking, and then "putting it on her wishlist" for her birthday or settling to tell Daddy or Grandma that she would like to have them.

Dan was making a trip to the big box store and we had talked about buying her those slippers as a special treat, but as luck would have it they were sold out. I do not know why it didn't dawn on me earlier, but shoot - I could just knit them! How hard could that be? Not very - a quick search on ravelry led me to the Little Stay On Slippers perfectly sized already for wee feet. I dove into the stash for some lime green cotton yarn, some white yarn and the pom pom maker - and voila!
Tinkerbell Slippers

They went on her feet as soon as they were finished :) Success!
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