Hurricane Season is upon us - apparently, we might even feel some of Hurricane Irene this weekend! One of the last things I did before having a baby last week (it was already last week! time seems to have stopped and yet sped up simultaneously.) was send off a knit gift. My uncle, of the knit kidney, left New England last year for the warmer shores of the Caribbean and opened up St.Johnimals, a pet outfitter. He is missed terribly and I wanted to knit him something else, but really, a) How do you follow up on a kidney? and b) What do you knit for someone who now lives the island life?

A Pirate Turtle - for a safe Hurricane Season and to keep the pirates at bay!

Pirate Sheldon
Sheldon needed a swig before his trip. My "Pyrate Speak" mug came from my trip to Virgin Gorda (which is a British Virgin Island, St. John is an American Virgin Island).

To quote one of my favorite lines from "Pirates of the Caribbean" - "Why is the rum gone?"

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Emily said...

A knitted kidney! My dad is currently waiting on a transplant. I gave him a plush kidney from iheartguts, but I should really knit him one, too!

Your pirate turtle is so cute! Great job on him!

Stay safe!

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