Books & Sock Yarn

Yesterday when I got home there were two packages waiting - the first was sock yarn from the Knitting Sunshine Sock Club - soooo pretty!! And there were little treats too - candy / mints / stitch markers!

The second box contained books from crafter's choice - Stylish Knits for Dogs to Knit in a Weekend, Doggy Knits, and Men Who Knit & Dogs Who Love Them - all are so cute and a good source of ideas. I think I'll make Jackson another sweater - maybe the grey cable one with a matching vest for me (not Dan - he's not really a vest guy)... Adorable pups!!

This weekend we're in transit - down to Long Island today, east to Rhode Island tomorrow.

School is crazy still - supposedly the wall in my lab will be knocked out to make it bigger, and a widescreen tv for computer / internet stuff, and saturday school for my homeroom kids. Promises and ideas, but I have a feeling that follow-through will be lacking.

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