New York New York

Last night we went into New York to visit a brother, his girlfriend and the other brother. We ate at Otto - and oh, wow - was it delish!! Cheese plates are brilliant. And a cheese with honey? And another with cherries? Inspiring!

I finished one Peekaboo mitten on the train there / back.

I'm pooped right now as we didn't get back until 2:30 and Jackson woke us up around 7:30. Today will be a day of lounging around, though I do have to work on school related stuff (yuck).

America's Sweethearts is on right now - great movie! ("Kiki!!") I love John Cusack


livnletlrn said...

Hey, those peekaboo mittens are cool. Thanks for posting the link. I always forget to look at Magknits to see what's new.

I'm right up in the road in Glastonbury :::waving to a CT neighbor!::: and have been reading your blog for a week or two. Fun!

peace --

Anonymous said...

almost done with calorimetry. (or however you spell it) I am doing it with th brighter of the wildflower. It is aperfect gauge, it looks great. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I am thinking of making Argosy to match, though winter is so over here, and I won't get to wear it. I am thinking of making a calorimetry for Jessica 9My friend who I jsut taught to knit) I think she will LOVE it, and her birthday is next week. Chilling today myself, as I have a VERY busy week next week, and am a bit sore after my load in yesterday (sound cable is heavy) I watched Poster boy last night (Matt's movie) it was good, he was great.

Kay, luv ya


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