Favorite Color Swap Questions '07

Favorite Color Swap Questionnaire

1. What are your top three favorite colors? blue-green-purple

2. What crafts do you really enjoy? knitting, I'm slowly teaching myself how to sew, I enjoy looking at amigurumi (though I can't yet crochet)

3. What products do you really covet? I have an amazon wishlist, and I do frequently lust over things in this blog

4. What other activities do you enjoy besides your favorite crafty things? playing with my dog, photography

5. Is there anything you collect? I used to, but have tried to avoid collecting anything else but yarn, needles and fabric!

6. What is your zodiac sign and/or Chinese zodiac symbol? Gemini

7.What are your favorite…

…scents/smells? fresh / clean (like Clean Cotton from Yankee Candle), citrusy

…types of music and/or bands? I'm open to new things, I avoid country, I listen to everything from U2, Barenaked Ladies, Indigo Girls, Dave Matthews Band to classical and hiphop.

…authors? Right now I'm big into Jodi Picoult, I love Laurie Notaro and Jen Weiner too

…animals? dogs (dachshunds especially), penguins, frogs (no cats)

…places to shop? target

…season? fall

…yarn/fabric/paper/other craft supplies? non-acrylic yarns, retro designs

…candies or goodies? Jelly Beans, mike and ikes, coffee, tea,

8. Do you have any wish lists? yep, it's linked at the top of the blog (amazon)

9. Are you allergic to anything? not really - I'm not a smoker though - smoke tends to bother me

10. Do you have any pets? What are they? 1 mini-dachshund, Jackson

11. Please include anything else you would like your secret pal to know about you- anything that would be helpful in finding you little gifts that you will really enjoy. The best thing about these swaps is the surprise factor!

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Anonymous said...

From your secret pal: I love your blog and your Jackson is adorable. I have 2 carin terriers, one-Samson I've had for 7 yrs and Gretta we just got from the shelter she is 4yrs.and came from a puppy-mill. She has lived in a cage and did nothing but have puppies. Poor little thing. She is so sweet. Samson likes her and she is really starting to blossom. We are happy to give her a nice loving home. I read your wishlist and we like some of the same books and music. What Jodi Picoulet books have you read? Sounds like you have a very busy life. You can leave me a note at grandmatulsa@yahoo.com Have a great rest of the week. Secret Pal

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