FO! Scarf #3 and other projects

First off, Happy Valentine's Day - smooches all around from Jackson:

Second, thanks for the comments about the graffiti - in short it's annoying and kids are mean (which apparently will continue on into their adult years). Today is a snow day - it's been sleeting but there is snow accumulating. Yay! The pup is not such a fan of the snow and sleet, even though he's got a jacket:

That gave me the chance to finish "My So-Called Scarf" which is for me! I had bought 2 skeins of malabrigo in "Little Lovely", but decided to stop at the end of the first skein - the scarf is about 53" long. I started around Jan.24 (I think) and worked on / off. Fairly quick knit! Jackson approves, naturally!

and proof that I do wear my knitted things:

For Project Spectrum, I've made some progress on the Hourglass Sweater:

I had gauge issues with the Hopyard Summer Spun (blue) and didn't feel like doing another swatch so I jumped in with the Rowanspun DK (grey / blue)...I think it's going ok:

and I'm still working on Dan's socks:

I think I may have found a potential Christmas Project... keeping it a secret as I'm still undecided - but it I start now....


Anonymous said...

look at you go with all the knitting stuff. I am jealous. So many things that I have started are just not working out for me. I was attempting to make the baby sweater in LMKG, and couldn't get the gauge right. I think I could probably make it with that silk spun cotton from hopyard, but I don't think I have enough. Last night I organized my knitting stuff, and that felt good. I think I want to start Argosy, though I don't know how much longer I would ge to wear it.

I am starting to feel a bit better. Off to take a nap on my nice clean sheets.
talk to you soon

Susan said...

Well, Happy Valentine's Day, Jackson! I'm sure that he'd want to let you know that it's wicked cold out there and the snow is wicked deep, so he's not going outside for a while. (I did remember that Jackson speaks Bostonian!)

Disentangled said...

Ha! Jackson is such a good sport! Jenny usually resists the model shots :-)

Thanks for the nice comments on my Starsky!

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