Failed Halloween Costume (Dogs On Thursday)

I put a lot of items on my dog - a lot of them homemade knitted objects. He's a good sport, though you can tell by his face that he is doing it only because he loves me. Currently I am working on knitting his Halloween costume - it was an ambitious project and I should have focused on it more previously - not just this past week. It should be ok though, so I'm not worried too much.

At target today I did find the astronaut costume! I was so excited - a back-up costume, just in case. I bought the small size (for dogs with 10in - 13in neck to tail length) - there weren't any mediums. I cut it off the hang tag board and pop it on the dog. It's a disaster.
I Hate this.
Astronaut - almost

There's no way his back legs can fit into those leg sleeves. Now that I look at the corgi model closer it doesn't look like his legs are in there either - they are not velcroed shut. I could live with that, but being a dachshund he's endowed in the chest area and it barely stays velcroed there. Anyone interested in buying it from me? $9.99. I'll trade for yarn or books (check out my amazon wishlist even)....

Now the pressure is on and I really need to bust out the original idea!


monica said...

Oh I'm sorry it doesn't fit because it's such a cool costume! My dogs are too big for it.

Anonymous said...

My little doxie girl is only 7 lbs. What is the chest measurement on the astronaut costume? I have a little devil costume that would fit Jackson. Pics are on my other blog from last year.

Jen in FL said...

Your dog is such a good sport. why not try one of these costumes?


Life's a Stitch said...

He is such a cooperative model.

Paula said...

That is still such a great costume even if it doesn't fit right.
Jackson looks like he is ready to soar up the stars!
I am going to post a picture anyway of this costume too because he is just so adorable!

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