Waiting on the little one

So, I'm 36 weeks now. We're in final countdown / on edge mode. We keep joking about that "I Love Lucy" episode where they rehearse and rehears what everyone will do when Lucy comes out and announces "Ricky, the time has come." Which of course, doesn't happen at all like they planned / practiced. The baby's room is just about done. I need to order a glider / rocker but the ones I've seen online haven't gotten very good reviews, so I'm kinda putting it off.
Here's what the room looks like:
(From the door / entrance)
Baby's Room

(From the far end of the room near the window / crib end)
Baby's Room

(Crib shot)
Baby's Room 2

We'd like to put something up over the crib - I couldn't find a mobile that I liked... (I have the itty bitty nursery book, and knitted toys I should just make one!) maybe a stencil of the baby's name? but since we don't know if it's a boy or girl that will have to wait. I still really like the idea of wallwords but we'll see.


Jen said...

Okay, I LOVE the word walls. I'm already planning what I'll do with mine and I just ADORE them all!!!! The baby's room looks so adorable :) Hope all is well!!! See you all soon!

Julie said...

Looks like you are pretty much all set, how exciting! I remember going shopping for diapers when I was in labor with my first (now bear in mind it was mild at that point so I just had to stop walking during the contractions). A knitted mobile could be a lot of fun- several short easy projects.

theatreknitter said...

The room looks great, baby is so lucky!!!!! WIsh I could be there.

Donna said...

I stopped by for Dogs on Thursday, but I loved the baby's room much more. It is so pretty. Lucky baby. Good luck on the birth. All good thoughts going your way.

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