Baby Food!

Baby Food!
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Inspired by this book and a stick blender that is waiting to be used, I decided to make a batch of sweet potato for the baby, affectionately referred to around here as "The Lorax". The book is great, takes you through every detail as if you have never cooked or even eaten! Anyway, making baby food appeals to me for several reasons. I know exactly what my daughter is eating. 3 sweet potatoes filled two ice cube trays (28 servings!) - I could have added more water and maybe even squeezed out a little more, but this is good to start with. No extra chemicals or anything like that. It's so crafty - now when I walk by the baby food aisle all I think of is "I can make that" - really, I can stick everything in the blender or stab at it with the hand one. This is way better for the environment - the dog can eat it, there's new material for the compost pile, no extra containers needed - after freezing these "cubes" they are stored inside the freezer. I think we'll try applesauce this week.


WifeMomKnitter said...

That is such a great idea!

I love sweet potatoes!

It must be a good feeling knowing *EXACTLY* what is in the baby food that you are feeding your daughter.

Good luck with the applesauce ones.

mad knitter said...

Excellent work! It looks great! Can't wait to hear about how she likes the applesauce!

KnelleyBelley said...

I SO wish I'd done things differently with my son. I'm afraid that he's going to glow in the dark because of all of the chemicals that have gone into him. You're doing a great thing for your girl.

Love sweet potatoes!

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