My "Glee" sweater is almost finished! At SnB this week I finished the bottom ribbing and a sleeve. Friday I finished the other sleeve and last night I started on the neck ribbing. I concentrated so hard on it - and today finished that part! So, all that's left is the other half of the neck ribbing and then to locate / place hook'n'eyes. I may be able to wear this sweater when I go off to DC next week (though, it may be too hot, it is a wool / silk yarn!) or for my birthday dinner! I need a new skirt or new jeans to wear with it. My favorite pair of jeans sprang a hole in the knee this week - I haven't worn out a pair of jeans like that since I can't remember when. And I dread shopping for jeans. It just takes forever!

Looking at my friends activity page on Ravelry today, I saw many many people have queued the February Lady Sweater (Ravelry link). So I go to FlintKnits - it's really cute! I think I'll add that to my queue as well - along with the other 371 projects I have in mind to knit. And I have been sorting through some of them, honest!

The heat wave has started - temperatures are in the 80s, but it's hazy and hot! Summer has come early I think!

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KnelleyBelley said...

I just added the February Lady Sweater to my queue today, too. It's viral! It's adorable and since it's a top-down-all-in-one-piece raglan cardigan, it's right up my alley.

Hope you get to wear Glee to D.C.! Happy birthday! (When is it?)

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