My colors are 'Blush' and 'Bashful'....

Her colors are pink and pink! Those lines from Steel Magnolias so aptly describe the color scheme in this house. It seemed to me that each room had somewhere some shade of pink or lilac in it - for crying out loud, even our sun porch has peachy-pink blinds. Soooo not my colors. Anyway, over the 3 years we've been here I've altered the color palette. First to go was the master bedroom - that went from pink to "deep smoke signal" (a deep grey-purple). The kitchen went from pink to "water spout" (kind of light apple green). Dan's old room was turned ultra pink when he moved out is now also "deep smoke signal" with a burgandy rug (ugh, but I can live with that for now). The baby's room got a stripe of green that looks great but also kind of looks like baby food.

Lately, the guest bathroom has been bothering me. Nothing matches. I hate the shower hooks that are shaped like something - while cute and decorative, they are as annoying as anything when you're trying to pull the curtain across. The hooks here are shell shaped. There are shell stickers on the top row of tile in the shower. They are coral colored. The shower curtain rod is pink. The paint, you guessed it - some other shade of pink. It became my mission to fix it. I started on Memorial Day weekend and Dan helped me finish it up this past weekend.

Bathroom before
Bathroom before 2
(These photos were taken after I started taking down the shells. I was still trying to decide on a color.)

Then we went to Tar-jhay! And I loved the shower curtain I found there, which helped me pick out a color - Monterey Bay - now I've never been there, but this color to me is Tiffany Box Blue. I love this room.
Bathroom redo!


Virginia said...

GORGEOUS! Talk about a transformation! I love it so much. (And I share your hatred of cutesy shower hooks, btw.)

Down with the pink! ;)

KnelleyBelley said...

Love the blue! It looks great.

Jen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new bathroom!

theatreknitter said...

THat looks great. And I am a person, this sounds silly, who really admires a fancy bathroom. It is a serverly overlooked room in the house. It should look nice. It is where you put on your make up and get ready in the morning, it should look good around you.

Kate said...

We have repainted all but one room in our house (the living room is scheduled for this summer) - I swear that, before we lived there, the house had been decorated by vandals.

It is amazing what a coat of paint and some accessories will do to a room. Love the blues!

Hunny said...

It looks great. We are just about finished redoing our bathroom. The floor tiles is going in today. We also went with a blue color so I think I am going to copy you and get that shower curtain! I love it and it would go great!!

Unknown said...

It looks so refreshing and clean! Love the colors--much better than before.

Rebecca said...

I remember that line in Steel Magnolias and I think another was, "The church is going to look like it was washed in Pepto-Bismol."

Your bathroom transformation is incredible! I love it! I have long put off painting and now I am inspired.

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