Washington Whirlwind Weekend

Can I tell you how happy I am to just sit for a moment? This weekend was so much fun, but such a blur at the same time. Friday, the day I departed, Lorelai was sick - constantly runny nose, interrupted sleep at night, fussy fussy fussy, overtired, teething... So I was more than a bit nervous about leaving her for the weekend (she improved drastically Fri-Sat night, so I was able to relax). I brought Loopy along for the ride.

I took the train from New Haven to Washington, DC on Friday afternoon.
Union station
I knit, caught up on podcasts, knit, knit, knit. I finished & started swiffer covers (pdf link), and worked on a sock. The colors threw me a loop though, it was all muddy colors, not the fun blues / pinks I see on the outside of the skein. The blue started to come in after the photo was taken.
Noro sock yarn

Saturday was the big day. We had the baby shower - there was an general literary theme going on and we all contributed books for baby's new library. I went with a Maine / Lobster theme, so you know I had to make a lobster.
Knit Lobster
Big hit! I used cotton, so baby can get his first "taste" of lobster too. That was a fun knit - everyone smiles when they see it!

Betsy and I ventured out after the show for a yarn shop. It was Knit In Public day - we made certain to knit each place we were throughout the day:
Afternoon DC Metro ride:

Loopy looks for the Trolley to take us to the yarn shop.
Loopy & Trolley

Knit Happens is a gorgeous store! It's so cute - even on the outside (Alexandria is a place I would like to visit again!)
Loopy at Knit Happens
The inside is laid out very nicely, "green" planet friendly yarns are indicated, as are "Local Dyers" I really like that part, becuase I did buy two "vacation yarns" from NeighborhoodFiberCo - they are local!! And other "local" yarns I didn't get this time, I have only heard about online, but now know what they are like :)
And the gals working were awesome! Isn't it funny how knitters can now introduce themselves with, "Are you on ravelry? What's your ravelry name?" and then "oooh! I know you!". That happened at the store - then knitgirl pulled up the ravelry page with my user info on it!
Loopy & Knit Happens Gals
I know you from Ravelry!

We also knit on the way home, the woman I asked to take the photo perfectly held her finger over the flash ::rolls eyes:: oh well.

It was a late night, followed by an early morning, and a long train ride home. I finished another baby burp cloth and started "Get Ziggy" for Lorelai.
Loopy at Union Station
Loopy on Amtrak
Today I had a job interview, but it was just ok and really don't feel like it merits much blogging about.


theatreknitter said...

it looks like that yarn was made for that pattern with how well is is working for you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I used to live in Alexandria (very close to Old Town) but moved away shortly before Knit Happens opened (bummer!), but the good news is that my in-laws live there so I get to go back often. I grew up in the DC metro area and there is just so much to do down there.

mad knitter said...

Ooooh, no fair! Tell us about a job interview and leave us hanging??? Watch out tomorrow girlfriend, there will be questions, LOL!

Looks like you had a spectacular weekend! I'm so glad!

KnelleyBelley said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had a great weekend. Nice little get-away for you and makes it so much fun to go home to Lorelai.

KR said...

How FUUUUUN! I love that you brought Loopy with and got him in all the pics!

Thank you for sharing your ideas & entering the contest on my blog! Good luck with the drawing tonight!


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