Slow start

Nice weekend - cleaned a bit, knit a bit (on socks, swatches and burp cloths) and now I'm obsessed with the idea of getting a space / table at a local craft fair to sell some of the knitted things. Not this summer (I'm crazy with the knitting, but not insane) but maybe holidays? next summer, for sure.

Anyway, dinner out at Miso was fantastic (Get their tuna sandwich, seriously). Yesterday was spent doing a lot of travel to Rhode Island for a wedding - the weather held out and it was a really nice time.

I have been having a blast playing with my new camera - here are some of my current favorite shots:

Hey you!
Look at that little face!

Silly Smiles
She's holding in her upper lip, I'm biting my bottom lip. I predict years of silly faces ahead.

Jackson Up Close
Can't forget about Jackson!


theatreknitter said...

those pics are priceless, just love them. glad the wedding went well.

KnelleyBelley said...

Those picture needs to be poster size. Love them!

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