Catch Up.

A few weeks back one of my good friends requested a custom knit hat for her new baby, Will. She wanted several key features - navy blue & white colors, earflaps, ties, a sort of floppy top and a tassle at the end. I sent her many options to see online and went from there.
Will's hat #3
I mostly went by "Color at Play" from the book Babies & Toddlers: A Knitters Dozen and to try and get the sizing right I took inspiration and guidance from "Itty Bitty Hats" (my baby hat bible). I did add the blue crochet edging and am quite pleased with my single crochet skills. Go me. As far as the fit goes, well - Will's a sturdy guy and there's room to grow in it (it fits Lorelai, but we all know she's a peanut).
Will's Hat #1 Will's Hat #2
(pardon the red eyes, he's not a devil baby, he's adorable and sweet and has a fantastic little smile. poor guy has been traveling and was just out of sorts.)

Since he's the new baby and I never really got to have Lorelai wear her Jive Turkey Hat, we stuck that on him as well.
Jive Turkey Will
Poor babies, people are always putting stuff on them!

In town, traditionally the high school reunions are held the day after Thanksgiving. My friends and I have all skipped our 10 year reunions in favor of spending time with each other, since we're not often given the opportunity to all be together. And we used to spend a lot of time together doing drama club. A great equalizer that was - didn't really matter if you were a freshman or senior. Anyway, here we are now:
Anti-reunion reunion
Respectively: Mike (Class of '97), Betsy('95), me ('96), Jenny ('98) and Vik ('95). Will probably won't be attending our town high school, but Lorelai will - class of 2025, OMG. That seems like forever from now, and will be here so soon!)

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So nice to see the hat you knit ON the baby. Adorable!

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