It's Coming on Christmas

I'm one of those people that can not stand anything Christmas related before Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Sure, it's a pain to prepare to host or to pack up and travel but all you have to do is eat! That I can do.

I will shop for Christmas gifts throughout the year because I have learned my lesson that if you wait the item you want will not be there when you go back to find it. But to go into Sprawl-mart or Tar-ghay and see decorations / hear carols drives me mad! I did spot some Christmas lights up last week at houses and I just grit my teeth and drove on. (Random side note, talking about gritting one's teeth - I now wear a nightguard to protect my own teeth from further grinding damage. I think I'm clenching harder now that I have something to actually chew on. Weird. Anyway.)

We pulled out the garland and light for our stairway this afternoon. I had some fun playing around with the camera settings and was hoping I might luck out with a Christmas card photo. Didn't quite work out, but I got some neat shots.
I'm really pleased with this one:
Black and White garland

This might be my new favorite picture of Lorelai:

I swear, she does smile, but she was serious about the lights:
Garland 1

And then, bored:
Garland 2

Possibilities for the card:

Gentle glow
I like this last one the best, but she's still out of focus.


Rebecca Jo said...

Love that last picture... she's just more adorable each day!

Jenn said...

I like the last one best too. very cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the last one. Even though she's a little out of focus, it's like she has a glow! Use that one!

theatreknitter said...

all of them just show your beautiful inquisitive girl. just like mom.

mad knitter said...

Love the pics! I love that one where she's looking up at the garland of lights. And happy anniversary!!! Looking forward to seeing you after our holiday break!

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